Don’t reject yourself on behalf of other people

Don’t reject yourself on behalf of other people. 

Whether what you are building is something they want to join or not, want to invest in or not, always give them the chance to reject you. They might surprise you.

A few weeks ago I was talking to a young founder who didn’t want me to introduce them to another angel investor because they felt the investor wouldn’t invest in their specific business. 

That’s wasn’t for the founder to decide. The angel can make up their own mind when they have all the facts. Don’t reject yourself on their behalf. 

Be positive first

Every idiot can see how the things you try to do won’t work out and which steps will lead to failure. But this doesn’t help you succeed. 

What makes you succeed is seeing how things can work out and taking the steps you see that are needed to succeed.

The more you do this, the better you get at it, the more optimistic you get, and the more you bias towards action.

Stories matter

Stories are important. Both the stories you tell yourself and the stories people tell each other. 

The more people that share a story, the more powerful the story becomes. 

The most accomplished people look for the most powerful story that they can tell. To themselves and others.